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Common Questions

What is the difference between a custom and production home?

A custom home is designed by the client. A custom home is truly like no other home, it is the client's vision and in most cases their "Dream Home". A custom home is an open pallet for the client to select interior and exterior finishes.

A production home is designed to be built hundreds and in some cases, thousands of times. This would be your typical 2000-3000 SF neighborhood home. There are really not any items you can consider custom in these types of homes. They usually have a few different selections and colors you can choose for interior and exterior finishes. Most decisions are pre-determined. 

How long does it take to build a custom home typically?

A custom home can take from 6 months to years to build depending on size and level of craftsmanship. Typically a custom home around 3000 SF should take 6-8 months to fully complete. 

How do you stay on top of new and existing building codes?

Building codes do get amended and changed from time to time along with new codes being implemented. Because we are always building, we know what is happening with codes and when they will take affect. We also have continuing education classes that we must attend. 

How do you quote a new project, what are the key considerations?

We will quote the project/build based upon the architectural and engineered house plans. We begin with the structure which includes footings, foundation, framing of walls and roof system etc. We then figure all trades consisting of mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC. The customer needs to mainly consider exterior and interior finishes as there are so many options available. you can spend $1 SF on tile flooring or $100 SF. It all depends on what the customer is wanting. Thorough discussions will help us provide a solid budget for finish materials. 

Do you provide a Warranty?

We build our homes to withstand the test of time so, yes - we do warranty our excellent workmanship.

1-year warranty on workmanship and materials.
10-year structural warranty.