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Fire, Water & Storm Damage Experts
Custom Home Builder
Fire, Water & Storm Damage Experts
Custom Home Builder
Fire, Water & Storm Damage Experts
Custom Home Builder
Fire, Water & Storm Damage Experts
Custom Home Builder
Fire, Water & Storm Damage Experts
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Rapid Response Restoration

We are a local family-owned business and it is important to us to understand the region’s potential hazards and how to respond to the insurance claims procedure in our community. Our experts deal with all aspects of Fire Damage which is complicated by smoke, odors, water and extinguishing chemicals. When it comes to Water Damage by itself, the proper professionals and equipment for removal and mold mitigation can make all the difference. Storm Damage can create a range of issues from roof repair to an entire home reconstruction.

When a disaster happens, NCA of the Carolinas will efficiently put a plan into action intended to restore your property to a greater condition than before the loss occurred:

  • Emergency response to stabilize structures, protect, and secure the property
  • Clean up, removal, and temporary repair
  • Cooperation with the insurance company and claims department to completion
  • Exhaustive effort to identify all damages and create an in-depth estimate
  • A comprehensive renovation of fire, smoke, odor, storm, water or vandalism damage
  • Remediation of water and mold including duct cleaning
  • Architectural design and planning of the entire reconstruction.
  • Remodeling and redesign of residential and commercial properties including kitchens and bathrooms

waterdamageIndividual Consultation

NCA will come to your location to provide a free detailed evaluation of the damage.

  • Recommendations for immediate and preventative measures will be provided.
  • All work requires your prior approval to begin.
  • We work with your insurance company throughout the process until your claim is paid.

Damage Mitigation

NCA responds immediately to your emergency to contain the damage and protect your valued property from further loss.

Temporary shelter will be provided from the elements when needed by doing the following:

  • Making temporary roof repairs
  • Cleaning up and removing all debris and damaged or fallen trees
  • Erecting temporary fencing
  • Tarping over exposed areas and covering walls
  • Constructing temporary bracing for stabilization

Navigating Your Insurance Claim

NCA has the necessary experience and resources to work with any insurance company, local or nationwide, to get your claim processed faster, resulting in quicker repair and restoration. NCA specializes with unmatched homeowner representation and will exhaust every effort necessary to indemnify our customers fully.


Enhanced Recovery

We work harder to restore your home to a better version of its condition before the loss through exceptional skills and attention to details.

  • As a General Contractor, we bring our team of licensed and insured contractors and experts in their trade. You deserve the finest workmanship and we deliver.
  • Team members include skilled architects and carpenters able to address home renovations, building additions and improvements to include in the project.

Frequent Communication

We work for you, and understands that your needs for the project are personal and unique. A quality job requires excellent communication.

  • Contact at every stage of the project, in person, with progress reports and photography, keeping you up to date.
  • The success of the restoration includes providing a stress-free experience along with the restoration and construction process. Trust between the customer and contractor is vital to the relationship and creates an open and friendly line of communication from the very start to the completion of repairs.

Efficient Use of Time & Money

We are committed to stay in frequent contact during the entire process, prepared to address claim or project issues and keep you on schedule. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and return you to your home on time and within the budget.