About NCA of the Carolinas


About NCA of the Carolinas

john wendy1I am writing this letter to express our extreme gratitude to Hank Baumstark and NCA of the Carolinas after they successfully finished rebuilding our new home. I have thanked them personally on many occasions. However, I do not feel that they truly recognize the impact they have had on my family’s life. First, I need to start at the beginning.

My family and I were jolted out of bed around 2:00 a.m. early one morning during a strong thunderstorm with the loudest explosion I have ever heard. Our alarm system’s fire alarm went crazy. My wife and I frantically ran around all three floors of our house looking for any fire. Eventually, we saw smoke billowing in from the garage door as lightning had set our garage ablaze. My wife and I quickly got our young children out of the house and to the neighbors. I can still remember standing outside in the pouring rain watching my home burning as we waited for the fire department. My only thought was, “what do I do next?”

john wendy2As has been notably said, “There is no greater fear than the fear of uncertainty because the unknown is something that can’t be looked in the face, challenged, or overcome.” It was shortly after that night that Hank Baumstark with NCA of the Carolinas entered our lives. He and his project manager met with us immediately and initially helped our public adjuster work with the insurance company for fair reimbursement. Our home was a huge home in a gated community, and this was going to be an exceptionally large project.

While working with our adjusters to come to a settlement, Hank arranged for all the debris removal and storage of some salvageable items from the basement.

Hank began talking to us about the rebuild and our wishes. We had been planning on remodeling and even adding space to our home for the last year and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. We had countless meetings with Hank going over architectural drawings, making revisions, and changing our minds over and over. Hank was extremely patient with us and skillfully navigated us through many difficult decisions. We finally came up with our new design which ended up being a complete customization of the existing home with the addition of approximately 2,000 square feet of living space. With the changes, we added a school room for our kids, mud room, new laundry room, four-seasons room, butler pantry, steam shower and expanded many other rooms. Hank personally designed much of the new layout of our home and added space. As I said, this was a huge project making our home over 7,500 square feet of living space and having to do so in a quiet gated community with neighbors who had certain expectations of the neighborhood.

john wendy3Hank, his project manager, and all their workers did a great job working on our home. They were all very professional, were amazing craftsmen and did their best to not inconvenience our neighbors during the process. When issues arose with anything, Hank immediately addressed the issue and found a quick resolution. There was one issue when the granite company cut our bathroom granite countertop incorrectly. Hank was immediately on top of it and had them find another slab just like it and correct the situation. There were delays due to supply issues and many customized pieces for our home, but it was well worth it.

john wendy4Hank personally went with us when we picked out countertops, selected kitchen appliances, met with cabinet builders, chose the marble tile, looked at lighting options and selected faucets and bath appliances. We are so glad he did because all of that can be quite overwhelming. Hank quickly learned our likes and dislikes and was able to guide us through much of the selection process. He always offered us a wide selection of items from varying price ranges. Unfortunately, we tended to select all the pricier items (joking).

Hank and his team worked diligently to provide my family with our “FOREVER HOME” and we are eternally grateful to them. I would NOT hesitate to recommend Hank Baumstark and NCA of the Carolinas for ANY building needs. I honestly do not know what we would have done if he had not entered our lives. We started out working with Hank on a professional level, but in the process have gained a dear friend.

John & Wendy M.