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Storm Damage

North Carolina is no stranger to sudden violent weather. Hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes keep us vigilant to protect against nature’s worst catastrophes. It is important to inspect a home or business after a storm to find potential hazards to structures and contents such as precarious trees and limbs that have sustained damage and could easily lead to a unfavorable surprise later leaving you temporarily exposed to the elements.

After the Storm

Sudden surprises after a storm include damage, debris, and potential power outages and NCA of the Carolinas understands you need fast assistance. We know where to start and can assure you that the process of restoring your property can be painless.

Mitigation and Control

NCA of the Carolinas knows each critical step in restoring your home to a greater condition than before the loss involves making sure no further damage happens from exposure to the elements outdoors.

Inspection and Evaluation

NCA of the Carolinas will complete a comprehensive inspection of the loss and organize a detailed estimate for you and your insurance adjuster.

Navigating Your Insurance

NCA of the Carolinas has years of experience in working with insurance companies both local and nationwide, navigating the paperwork process to accelerate repairs and ensuring that your home is restored to an even greater condition than before the loss.

Water and Mold

Storm damage is often followed by water damage. NCA of the Carolinas water and mold removal experts immediately contain and eliminate all moisture preventing any further mold growth during the rebuilding process.

Enhanced Recovery

NCA of the Carolinas works harder to restore your home to a better version of its condition before the loss through exceptional skills and attention to details.